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The ON/OFF project is an attempt to combine various bathroom designs which, through the use to the DuPont™ Corian® can be translated into subjective character demonstrating in unique spectrum of images, colors and lights. The trivial form of the bathroom is converted into a world of new esthetic experience matching the needs of all residents. With the touch of the control panel it is possible to take a trip to the Woman’s land full of subtle colors and shapes. Another touch transforms the bathroom to His domain overflowing with geometrical patterns. There is also a cozy place for the children complete with fairytale characters … The panels conceal images which can be displayed whenever you want, matching your mood and needs. It can also be a shiny clock with amber hands displayed over the mirror, or a personal English teacher reminding abut your homework while you brush your teeth in the morning. In this manner one bathroom receives a new dimension suiting Her, His and children’s needs.

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