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Floa is a washbasin inspired by the 70’s style. It has been designed for those who are open to daring, very colorful interior solutions. Floa takes full advantage of the extraordinary properties of DuPont™ Corian®: the ability to seamlessly join different colors together and to create soft, organic and unusual shapes normally not available to traditional ceramic products. The classic drain in the centre of the basin has been replaced by a linear one which is not at first visible, making the Floa a bit futuristic and an interesting component of a minimalistic interior.

Fiori are wall tiles for those who enjoy minimalistic, graphic designs, and for individualists. They can be used by the client to individually compose colors in their bathroom or kitchen. The colors of the leaves and tiles can be combined in a classical and moderated designs, or completely crazy ones. We can also “grow” colorful compositions of leaves in our bathroom in a way only limited by imagination. The series was inspired by the possibilities offered by DuPont™ Corian® and by … openness to play with colors. After all, who would not want to design their own tiles.

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